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Get full control over your business. Expenses, income, planning and growth. Raúl Ballve_ CEO and Financial Analyst

Control and creativity in equal parts

Michelin Star Awarded

Technique, creativity and finesse

1 Sol from the Repsol Guide

Traveled cuisine without losing the North

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Hospitality Consulting and Gastronomic Consulting

At Consulting Slow&Low, Hospitality Consulting and Gastronomic Consulting, we improve the profitability of hospitality and tourism projects and businesses.

We provide our knowledge and experience in the sector with the purpose of helping you and facilitating the management of your business in all its areas, developing a specific system for your company that allows you to achieve the established objectives.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman or investor and have decided to dedicate yourself to Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism projects, we will help you make it a reality.
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Don't lose the spark. Reinvent yourself, innovate, surprise. Eating is culture. Francesc Beltri_ CEO and Chef

Slow&Low, the path to the Michelin star

Awarded with Michelin Star

Slow&Low is our star project with 1 Michelin Star and 1 Repsol Sun, in 2022. There are many awards in the gastronomy world, but none like the Michelin Star. The criteria for obtaining it are based on the quality of the products and the mastery of cooking points, without forgetting originality and creativity. We know that each person, each restaurant, has its own essence and we want to help you take the bull by the horns.
Our success story Slow&Low
Slow&Low, the path to the Michelin star

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